Andrea Kurti

Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Inside illustration for the children's book: Kutyából szalonna – poems and proverbs by János Lackfi

Process: I've created the illustration on paper with gouache and watercolor, then scanned it, and cleared it up in Photoshop.

Materials: Gouache and watercolor on paper.

Formats: The work is made with gouache and watercolor on Canson Montval watercolor paper, digitized, and (the book) printed on Munken Pur Rough offset paper.

Brief Requirements: I was required to illustrate a part of the story, but also put my original thoughts and ideas in it.

Key Brief Ideas: With the aid of the illustrations I wanted to zero in on one of the possible interpretations that the texts offered and realize the most suggestive one for me. In some cases these interpretations resulted in humorous, in other cases joyful, sad or absurd illustrations. I drew the illustrations in such a way so that the book could be enjoyed by adult readers too besides children.

Commissioned For: Printed children's book.

Commissioner Company: Gutenberg Publishing House