Brizida Magro
Living in a Whale

Children's Publishing

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
It was an ad Campaign I did from my agency group (the bright agency). The prompt was world oceans geared towards the Children's Publishing Market.

How was the illustration used:
It was used in an AD Campaign that the bright agency sends out to potential clients.

How did you make this work:
It was done using procreate.

Commissioner Name :
The Bright Agency
Commissioner Company :
Bright Agency
Commissioned for:
The Bright Agency

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Currently Based:
United States

Brizida Magro is a Boulder, Colorado-based illustrator and educator. She teaches illustration classes at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. She has a passion for mountains, wandering the world, and bringing stories to life. She works primarily in digital media, often with an analog touch that incorporates collage, ink, and china marker. She enjoys simplicity, whimsy, wee characters, and collecting vintage papers.Raised by her grandmother and sister, she spent her childhood in a small Portuguese fishing town. Growing up, they would often make things by hand as a family. While her grandmother gardened and baked delicious cakes, she and her sister would spend time making clothes for their dolls and building twig shelters in the countryside.Her childhood has greatly influenced her current work, which blends together the innocence of vintage children’s art, the naiveté of folk art, and frolicking adventures through the mountains.