Billie J
The Lost Woods project

Design Product & Packaging

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Why did you make this work:
Illustrations for The Lost Woods project. In 2020, seed packs were delivered to every primary school in Glasgow, enabling kids to grow oak trees from acorns, bringing climate optimism and learning to life. Resources and lesson plans were designed by teachers to fit the Curriculum of Excellence for each primary school level. The Trees will be planted in sites around Glasgow (host to the UN COP26).

How was the illustration used:
The main promotional poster was also used on the various The Lost Woods social media platforms. The colouring-in activity poster was included in The Lost Woods packs (alongside the seeds & Nicola Davies' book 'The Promise) and is also available to download on their website.

How did you make this work:
Pen and ink drawings were scanned and composed in Photoshop. The illustrations had to appeal to both kids and adults alike to encourage and promote an engagement with nature. Through these growing activities at school and through lockdown, children learnt about all the benefits of trees, from absorption of carbon dioxide and airborne pollutants, increasing biodiversity to improving health.

Commissioner Company :
From Little Acorns Grow (FLAG) & The Lost Woods.

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Billie J is a London based illustrator who studied at Central Saint Martins. His clients include, Amnesty International, Unicef, Nike, Penguin, Columbia University Press, Samaritans and the BBC.