Beverley Gene Coraldean
CDW Chicago Office Mural Project

Site Specific

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
CDW and Spark found me through Instagram and I was commissioned to create a vibrant and fun mural design for CDW's new offices in Chicago.With the rest of the office space conveying smart and functional design for the working environment, the client wanted the journey into the lunchroom to display a joyful representation of the culture that exists alongside work at CDW.

How was the illustration used:
It was re-coloured and used for two murals in the Chicago lunch area. It is also going to be used as a digital desktop image for employees and for another mural in a further office location.

How did you make this work:
Initially I like to work traditionally with guide lines. I then use brush pens, scan the work and tidy up in Photoshop. For large scale projects I trace the work in Illustrator and work on them in vector format before experimenting with colour.The design is a network of clients, products and various CDW company segments all on one level to represent their work ethic.

Commissioner Name :
Anna Nelson
Commissioner Company :
Spark Chicago
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Pinterest @genealityart

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Genealityart illustrates 'all things complicated' through her depiction of cities, environments and lifestyle objects.Originally from London, she moved to Norwich to study Games Art and Animation at NUA. She now uses her decorative line-art style to create digital mural work for hospitals and office spaces and also has her own range of illustrated products and screen prints.