What if glaciers melted

Have you ever wondered what Earth might look like in 100 years?

Children's Publishing

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Book inside or spot illustration/s

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The book "What if the Glaciers Melted" is the second book in the "What if" series published by Albatros Publishing. This book explains to children the current problems of global warming and the impact of our everyday lives on nature, the environment. The book shows in a bittersweet way the situation 100 years from now, when global warming will increase if we do not act now.

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Tom Velčovský
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Albatros Publishing
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Owl Illustration

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Academy of Arts, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

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I'm a female illustrator from Slovakia based in Prague with a focus on vector illustration. I do commissions for various projects such as editorials, campaigns, books or product illustration. I love working on meaningful projects that can provoke our thinking or mindset in today's complicated world. Selected clients: Meta, Bitpanda, Blinkist, Forbes Next, Brillo Magazine, Forbes Czechia.