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Why did you make this work:
The illustrations belong to a non-fiction book about climate change that tells us what it is, who causes it, what are the consequences and what we can do. It’s structured in double-pages spreads with different subjects. The publisher wanted a scientific, rigorous, informative, beautiful and realistic book, but focused on positive: let's take care of our planet because it’s wonderful to enjoy it.

How was the illustration used:
The illustrations accompany, complement and give other senses to the texts (by Yayo Herrero and Maria Gonzalez). Some are direct, if it talks about baobabs there is a baobab, but others have several layers, tell stories and have more readings. I like to have fun, so there are also many references and hidden signals. As a reader I like to discover new things in second readings.

How did you make this work:
The illustrations mix traditional and digital techniques. I do a lot of research before drawing and I try to provide a different approach and make you think.

Commissioner Name :
Juan Romero_publisher
Commissioner Company :
Litera Libros (Publishing House)

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I studied architecture at the university, but all the roads led me to illustration. Drawing helps me think and also express my way of understanding the world. I develop well in non-fiction and I love animals. I have been selected by Bologna Children’s Book Fair and Sharjah Children’s Book Ilustration Exhibition. Climate Change (Ed. Litera Libros) is my debut book.