Liang gen
Beautiful Memories


Image Type: multiple

Usage: An inside illustration in a picture book

Process: Use a pencil to make a sketch on the paper, then use acrylic for coloring.

Materials: Acrylic gouache, paper

Formats: Scanning the hand-painted artwork into the computer, format the electronic images. Using photoshop image-editing software, Pen Tool, to edit the electronic images, finally typesetting design into the book.

Brief Requirements: The speed of population ageing in Taiwan becomes the first in the world. As a result, more and more senile dementia sufferers have become social problems. I hope the senile dementia sufferers can be understood by more people through this interesting picture book and let others start to care about the lives of senile dementia sufferers.

Key Brief Ideas: Using a series of surreal portraits of the elder as a metaphor to express the emotional state of senile dementia sufferers.