Beatrice Garcia
Scientific Inventions

The Inventions of Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell.

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Packaging design

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This set of stamps was created to celebrate two of the most prolific inventors in the world. These inventors are Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. 2022 marked 175 years since the birth of both inventors and 100 years since the death of Bell. Bell is best known for patenting the first telephone and holds 18 patents to his name. Edison holds a record breaking 1093 patents.

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Rachel MacKenzie
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Jersey Post
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Jersey Post

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Beatrice Garcia is a Gibraltarian artist and illustrator, based in Madrid,Spain. Her work focuses on objects that you look at everyday but never see and how these objects evolve throughout time. These objects can be anything from tiles on a building facade, to scientific inventions, to classical sculptures from the Victoria and Albert Collection.