Kiki Ljung
BBH Mural

Site Specific

Image Type: multiple

Usage: An in-door vinyl mural for the finance department area in the BBH London offices in Soho.

Process: Digital vector B&W line sketches and colour final using Adobe Illustrator.

Materials: Digital vector.

Formats: Digital vector files for large scale vinyl use onto corner walls.

Brief Requirements: The aim of the brief was to bring life to a dull-looking office corner with a large scale illustration through the use of humour, colour and playful composition. A lot of creative freedom was given with little to no guidelines from the client, except for a couple of reference images from my own portfolio.

Key Brief Ideas: One of the core ideas was to transform the space into it’s visual opposite. I wanted to get as far from a claustrophobic, plain, white office wall as possible and created an out-door, vibrant landscape, filled with movement, plants and animals. To accentuate the contrast I added small office elements hidden between the leaves such as paperclips, a printer, memos and pens, as a kind of merge of these two opposite worlds. Bold colours were essential and a lot of time was put into making different colour versions. 

Commissioned For: BBH London

Commissioner Company: BBH London

Agent: Folio Illustration Agency

Agent Website: