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Why did you make this work:
Tilted is a pattern design mural commissioned by Orchard Central, a shopping mall in Singapore. It was a mural project through Mural Lingo to uplift the mall’s space. The large abstract shapes tilting and leaning against one another represent our nature to interact and find balance with one another in a landscape of patterns.

How was the illustration used:
The artwork is used for a series of murals on Orchard Central's wooden benches and planters. The mural consists of 3 planters and 3 benches in different sizes and layout.

How did you make this work:
Painted together with Mural Lingo, we transformed 3 wooden planters and 3 benches into colourful patterns. I started with creating a pattern which was adapted into various sides of the mural surfaces. As the planters and benches had multiple angles, I could play around with the pattern and colour blocking to create a bold and exciting atmosphere for the public.

Commissioner Company :
Orchard Central Singapore

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Currently Based:
Living in Singapore

Jacelyn Zhen is a visual artist and designer from Singapore. Creating under a moniker, Bbblob, she explores harmony in form and colour. Bright, vivid and organic shapes interacting with one another to represent our relationship with ourselves and others. Making works that capture the transient nature of emotions. She creates across various mediums including murals, printmaking, painting and sculpture.