Joost Swarte
Bart van der Leck

Image Type: multiple

Usage: A documentary children's book with 10 portraits of artists, designers and architects linked to The Stijl movement.

Process: Extended research, sketches: pencil on paper, final art: pen and inks.

Materials: India ink and coloured ink on (Britannia) watercolour board.

Formats: Original artwork: 29 x 32 cm.  Book reproduction printed on: 23 x 28 cm

Brief Requirements: The publisher makes a series of children's books in coorperation with museums. I was not limited in ideas.

Key Brief Ideas: A cat visits 10 studios of artists, linked to De Stijl movement. Each portrait is accompanied with a drawing in red ink where the cat discusses with the artist what he observed in the studio.

Commissioned For: A children's book for the exhibition: 'Piet Mondriaan en Bart van der Leck' at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

Commissioner Company: Leopold and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag