Coqué Azcona

There was an illustration for the cover of the book (that it's a book with a CD, disco-libro we say in Spanish), I also made the back, the CD label and two more illustrations for the inside; one for the story of Moon Sharma other for a fado song by Maria de Medeiros.

Multiple image entry

For the inside illustrations they asked for a gentle style, cause the subject is women who fight for women rights and they prefer to focus on the bright part of it. And for the cover, the first brief said 54 name of women, all the same, no need to make some more important than others (12 singers-although there was some more-, 12 writers, 12 "avanzadoras" / 12 illustrators, all women). I asked a couple of times if they were sure about it and the answer was yes. But when they saw the result, the brief changed and I had to make a new cover with a clear hierarchy.

commissioned by VIERNES for OXFAM Intermon.

Cuatro Night News video for TV: