Atelier Bebop
The Happy Mural

Site Specific

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
In a city with an average of 140 days of rain per year, the streets can often feel somewhat grey and uninviting. I like to create work that makes me feel uplifted, child-like, and somewhat carefree. ‘The Happy Mural’ was designed to instil joyous and positive emotions, cutting through the sometimes lingering feelings of seriousness and mundanity in our adult lives.

How was the illustration used:
The space was previously held by various native and international artists, commissioned on a yearly basis by local bar and eatery ‘A Place Called Common’. Measuring 6400 x 3100mm, ‘The Happy Mural’ was created to build upon the already thriving street art scene in the Northern Quarter of Manchester - enhancing the creative, diverse, and inclusive nature of a city with a thriving culture.

How did you make this work:
An array of fixed points are anchored to the brick beyond the perimeter of the workspace, whilst a combination of string and chalk transcribes the design to the wall. Using a blend of spray paint, cardboard, and masking tape, a colourful configuration with sharp contrasting edges is achieved. Many of the tools used are homemade, created out of necessity to span the street-sized canvas.

Commissioner Company :
A Place Called Common

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Currently Based:
Manchester, United Kingdom.

Atelier Bebop is the moniker and creative studio of Corbin Wood, a contemporary artist focusing on abstract geometry and playful design. A continuous practice of simple composition and colour, his work exists in a balance between abstract form and deliberate mark making. He is forever pursuing a kind of ‘relatable playfulness' designed to provoke feelings of nostalgia.