Peranakan Mininature

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
A little narrative scene of activities from modern city dwellers with Peranakan wares as a backdrop. Injecting local heritage elements to the pictorial, it is intended to bring out the amusing side of the various characters going about their daily lives.

How was the illustration used:
print on artists' canvas, wallpaper, posters and postcards

How did you make this work:
Each artwork depicts a scene where the characters tell their stories through activities and gestures. Emphasising the contrast between the Old and New, each characters were drawn simplified, caricatured, while Peranakan iconic porcelain wares were with complex pattern and details. This only creates interesting new sparks with the two diversely different visual approach.

Commissioner Company :
At The Art Studio

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ATAS (At The Art Studio) is a Singapore-based creative living lifestyle brand with a distinct contemporary pop aesthetic. The creations at ATAS are syntheses of visions, inspirations and originality, drawing references from Asian traditions and modern modes. We are a collective of creative individuals and artisans dedicated in developing original and exclusive art collectibles. At The Art Studio is where we experiment, develop and create.Jill Tran (b.1993) is a Saigonese millennial who practises at ATAS as an in-house artist. Her works bud from daily experiences and observations, and grow by chimerical thoughts fueled from folklore, novels and movies. Always feeling thankful for the present, yet she is obsessed by nostalgia and wonders how life could have been, if she has been born earlier.