Arad Golan Coll
Life as a Foster Child Made Me a Conservative


Commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
The brief given was to produce an illustration for The New York Times responding to an opinion editorial article about a Yale student's experience growing up in the foster care program, and how—in his view—stable two-parent households are incredibly important for a child's sense of individual agency as they mature.

How was the illustration used:
Online and printed newspaper

How did you make this work:
My response to the brief was to visualize the advantage of growing up with two parents in an imaginative and conceptual way, which would fit to the writer's expression.

Commissioner Name :
Jim Datz
Commissioner Company :
The New York Times

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Spanish/Swedish freelance illustrator based in Sweden, working for editorial and other types of projects. Graduated from BA (Hons) Illustration course at Falmouth University. Selected clients are; The New York Times, Buzzfeed News, The Guardian Labs och Warner Music.