Carly Gledhill
Anorak Culture


Image Type: multiple

Usage: Picture book concept

Process: Pen drawn and watercolour onto paper, scanned into Photoshop. Colour and detail added using Wacom tablet.

Materials: Watercolour, fine liner, pencil, Photoshop

Formats: Sketches in pen, watercolour details, doodles in pencil, digital files.

Brief Requirements: To create a series of characters for future use in a picture book. The theme: characters who are too boring to go into other, more conventional stories, the under dog, local hero and amateur enthusiast.

Key Brief Ideas: The characters were hand drawn with line work to create a look that represents their soft and kind characteristics. The retro colour palette relates to their rather introverted and old fashioned ideas and hobbies. Text added to outline the characters name and very important major interests.

Agent: Arabella Stein, The Bright Agency

Agent Website: