Anna Sun
Staropramen "Stories" Limited Edition

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
The task - promote new brand positioning "Life your way" through 6 stories from Staropramen's history. Each story were to encourage consumers to stay true to themselves, by being inspired with examples from Staropramen brand history. “Inspired by history” - “The Czech Way”, “The Smart Way”, “The Patriotic Way”, “The Joyful Way”, “The Enthusiastic Way”, “The Courageous Way”.

How was the illustration used:
on beer cans, on beer coasters and posters, 3d-animated for TV spots

How did you make this work:
The solution - illustrate each story as a journey, unravelling from top to bottom of each can. Isometric exploded view drawing approach had been chosen to show the depth and complexity of every story told. 6 simplified illustrations had been created to be printed on cans with very limiting Dynamark technology; together with 6 detailed vector illustrations to be used on posters and beer coasters.

Commissioner Name :
Cocoon Prague
Commissioner Company :
Cocoon Prague
Commissioned for:
Cocoon Prague

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Anna Sun, also known offline as Anna Belousova. Multidisciplinary designer and illustrator with background in architecture. Believes in meaningful things. Making thinking visual, making visuals emotionally awakening.