Anna Sokolova
Maison Margiela Artisanal

Design Product & Packaging

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Collaboration with Maison Margiela ‘Artisanal’ collection in the film “A Folk Horror Tale”, a feature-length fashion work based on an original concept by John Galliano. Inspired by Dutch imagery, the detailed Delft Blue painted pieces should read like a story and invite the viewer to take a closer look.

How was the illustration used:
The hand-painted waders are featured in the film based on an original concept by John Galliano and directed by Olivier Dahan.

How did you make this work:
I used a combination of high viscosity acrylic and thin-bodied acrylic gloss painting medium to paint over fashion objects.Recicla waders spliced with wooden Tabi clogs, hand-painted with contemporary illustrations in the style of Delft Blue, distorting its classic imagery into motifs that look pretty from afar but reveal a more sinister reality when studied in detail.

Commissioner Name :
John Galliano
Commissioner Company :
Maison Margiela

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Anna Sokolova is an award-winning artist based in Berlin, Germany. Anna works with mixed media and is inspired by merging the traditional and innovative approaches in arts. Esteemed collaborations include Netflix, Wired, ImagineFX, and Maison Margiela.Anna was born and grew up in Leningrad. Anna’s work combines beautifully drawn, almost idyllic imagery with a slightly visible darker undertone.