Manda Wolfe
Animals With Problems


Image Type: multiple

Usage: Illustrations for a children's picture book, titled ‘Animals With Problems’.

Process: Illustrations were drawn using reference photos and then hand-painted in gouache on paper.

Materials: Gouache on card stock.

Formats: 11 x 14 inch hand-painted illustrations on paper.

Brief Requirements: Animals With Problems is a 500-word picture book exploring the idea that empathy begins with understanding and we all have issues we face on a daily basis. The goal was to make sure that the animals weren't completely anthropomorphic and that each of their problems stem from their natural characteristics and tendencies while also relating to a problem a child might face.

Key Brief Ideas: Animals With Problems introduces us to a diverse cast of animal characters that all have a unique problem a child might relate to. For example,  Susie the white tiger feels out of place with the orange tigers around her and Richard the sloth moves a bit slower than the rest of the Animal Kingdom. Other characters include a hippo that won't share with the oxpecker living atop his back, a lonely rhino looking for a friend, and a cheetah that's in such a hurry that he seems to have lost his spots along the way.