Andrzej Wieteszka
WEBINTERPRET wall design

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Why did you make this work:
A series of 14 portraits on glass and 2 wall murals for the Warsaw office of the global webcommerce company WEBINTERPRET. The portraits of inventors and scientists with characteristic elements of cities they worked in in the background. The meeting rooms where portraits are placed are named after these cities. The wall murals show hi-tech invention.

How was the illustration used:
Murals and wall portraits were commissioned by a company specialized in new webcommerce technologies. According to the client, the portrayed are scientists who contributed most to the development of information and communication technologies. The webinterpret uses this multi-level project to communicate its commitment to history, which results in an innovative approach to work.

How did you make this work:
I designed and drawn the portraits in Adobe Illustrator. They were transferred to the glass on a transparent foil. Wall murals, hand-painted on plaster. The projects were created in the first phase as sketches and then I prepared their vector versions. I painted murals with a team of co-painters.

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The project was created directly for the client

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My name is Andrzej Wieteszka and I am an illustrator from Warsaw, Poland. For many years I’ve worked with many international clients from the press, fashion, cultural institutions and advertising agencies. I specialize in press illustration, portraits, large-format street and interior murals, designer and commercial posters, and fashion prints. One of the most recently developed artistic and desig