Maïté Franchi
American Greetings

Site Specific

Image Type: Single Image

Usage: A mural inside an educational building

Process: Pen in sketch book scanned into digital files. reproduction in illustrator with basic shapes, and brushes in Photoshop at the end.

Materials: Pen, sketchbook, illustrator, Photoshop

Formats: digital files 48.5 x 102.5"

Brief Requirements: The concept for the project is to combine creative objects with otherworldly landscapes. For this room, we would like to combine the turning of a page, or a peeling back of a shape to show the moon or outer space. This can be up to the artists interpretation. Before things go along too far, we would like to see sketches for the general composition so that we all know we’re heading in a good direction. The mural should also be mostly monochromatic, and in the GREEN shades provided. The large green colour will be used as an accent wall in the space, and we want to make sure that whatever greens are chosen for this piece work well with this colour. Other colours can be used, but the graphic should be visually mostly GREEN.

Key Brief Ideas: green, space, objects

Commissioned For: American Greetings

Commissioner Company: American Greetings

Agent: Folio Illustration Agency

Agent Website: