Amelie Ahern-Williams
The Colours of Kei

A children's picture book about finding joy in exploring self-expression and gender identity.

Children's Publishing

Un-commissioned | New Talent

How were your illustrations used? :
Book inside or spot illustration/s, College or university project, Self Promotion/portfolio, Whole book design

How did you make this work:
I frequently see LGBTQ+ topics excluded from children's media as they are seen as too "adult", so I wanted to create a picture book to show children that self-expression and gender-diversity can be beautiful and joyous to explore. I created this work with a mix of monoprint, watercolour, charcoal, and digital drawing, exploring different textures and patterns to show Kei's unabashed freedom.

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Kingston University

Currently Based:
United Kingdom (UK)

Amelie is a non-binary artist from Wales, studying illustration animation at Kingston University. They are developing a professional practice in publishing, having worked on audiobook covers and in-book illustrations. At the moment, they have a particular interest in children's illustration. They're also passionate about LGBTQ+ inclusivity, and queer themes feature prominently in their work.