Aleix Pons
Allegory of Hatred and Bigotry


Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Created to be seen online and on street walls as a piece of street art.

Process: Started with hand-drawn sketches on paper. After scanning in the pencil drawings I played with the digitalized pictures, fitting all the:puzzle pieces: together to create the face. Then I re-illustrated everything with photoshop.

Materials: Hand-drawn pencil sketches, digital photos (references), MAC computer/photoshop.

Formats: The final illustration is a high resolution large digital file. It allowed me to get large prints without loosing all the details.

Brief Requirements: I wanted to create an allegorical portrait in the style of the paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. An allegory of hatred and bigotry.

Key Brief Ideas: I tried to imagine how painters like Arcimboldo would represent ideas like Hatred, Bigotry, Xenophobia and misogyny. I used slugs, snakes, dead rats, bugs, flies, reptiles, detritus, rubbish etc to depict these ideas.