Agatha O.

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
HILLA is the attempt to unite two worlds, that of the images and that of the words, in a book that is no longer a book. It has become something else. From the page to the art work not only figuratively but also literally, HILLA takes shape under our hands and inside a frame that contains its form and tells its story.

How was the illustration used:
book game

How did you make this work:
HILLA includes 4 different portraits of female figures. Every figure is composed of four pieces. The pieces correspond to different parts of the body: face, hair, neck and bust. With the exception of the face that is a single piece, there are 4 image options for each of the other 3 body parts. 4 different texts are associated to each option, for a total amount of 64 combinations per portrait.

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