Aditi Anand


Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
The only time I left the house post-lockdown was to go cycling and spend time with the street dogs. It became my comfort. When I'm out cycling, I see people, animals, and birds. I see elderly playing cards, dogs lying on construction sand, or someone out for a walk. I wonder if what they're doing is what they want to be doing—if those are their comforts.

How was the illustration used:
The illustration was created as a personal project and is now part of my portfolio.

How did you make this work:
As I cycled, I captured some photographs and used them as inspiration. The illustration was created in Adobe Photoshop.

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Currently Based:
Karnal, India

Aditi Anand is a commerce graduate from India. She will shortly begin her MA in Children's Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art.