Abbey Hayman
Mental Health Tufting Rug

The project aims to raise awareness and normalise feeling down with an ironic and humorous approach.


Un-commissioned | New Talent

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College or university project

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It’s not an easy thing to do to voice how you are feeling. There's still a level of stigma involved and usually, an immense feeling of guilt when sharing what you perceive as a burden onto others. Sometimes you just want someone to listen and say nothing, sometimes a simple yep - "I feel it too" is all you need. This project tries to get that feeling across in a humorous and non-patronising way

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University of Sunderland

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United Kingdom (UK)

Abbey is an illustrator and maker based in the North East of England and has completed her BA in Illustration and Design at Sunderland University. She likes bold shapes, bright colours and experimenting with a whole load of different techniques; such as paper cutting, fiber art, digital illustration, and printmaking.