Stay Home, Stay Fun


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Why did you make this work:
In 2021, we only had one goal to fight : COVID-19, that changes our life and so many activities canceled. But we won't be afraid and keep fighting. If we're not allowed to go out, we can stay home and still have fun in our way! we can camping, surfing, fishing, sun bathing as long as we use our imagination, even in a terrible time, we still can have fun!

How was the illustration used:
I print this out to promote my thoughts, and join a competition. This illustration strike a chord with many people, and during this time, the world really need some humorous and positive power to make this hard time go faster. That's what an illustrator can do for this world.

How did you make this work:
I use iPad to draw, it's pretty hard to finish such a artwork which full of details, but I insist to finish because that's the only one thing I can do to encourage people, and the specialty of my artwork is so many details in there, so please take a good look at this artwork, maybe you can find my sense of humor in this!

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Girl’s daily life illustration. A full-time illustrator based in Taiwan. Good at depicting various faces in women’s lives, With bright colors and playful lines constitute full of interesting works resonate with women. Cooperation brand: Acer / ELLE / Bazaar / Cosmopolitan / Women's Health / Taipei Metro System / Pinkoi / TSUTAYA Bookstore /