Steven Choi
Steven Choi


WIA2017 Self-Initiated Professional Category Winner


Steven Choi, an emerging illustrator was born and raised in Hong Kong, and has engaged in art and illustration through self-study since he was a teenager. His illustration series ‘Zu & Pi’ is recognized in global awards. Exploring in different styles, Steven is making new attempts in a brand new series ‘The Magician and Friends’.  


Facebook: /zuandpi

Instagram: @zuandpi

Project Title: Bus Station

About the Project: 

We participated in Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017. The theme related to the place where we come from, so I chose Hong Kong Tolo Harbour where impressed me most.

Tolo Harbour, a sheltered harbour in northern New Territories of Hong Kong. It was famous for pearl hunting until Ming Dynasty. While the British first landed, the locals fought and resisted bravely. As time goes by, the harbour plays an important role as a witness to the evolution of the city, also the cultural cradle of Hong Kong…

Our art exhibition ‘The Lost Poem – Girl and the Sea’  is displaying the beauty and sadness between people, us and the city through gazing.

I was invited by Three Woods Playwright to Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017.


I have read the history about Tolo Harbour and place my personal feeling in it.


Paper, pencil, scanner, Photoshop


I usually just sketch the artwork, scan it and finish it in computer.


I’m still practicing to draw an amazing artwork which audience could feel your emotions through the artwork.


I learnt the meaning of the artwork is far more important than the skills you have.


Painting is one of my hobbies. I have my own company to provide professional services in publishing and visual development.


It takes 3-4 days for the ideas and structure.


The project is going as expected right now. It gained positive feedback from the exhibition but I only finished one-third of the project. I hope the remaining parts can be finished by end of 2017.


A good work is how deep you feel and express your emotions, rather than how skillful you are.


Many thanks to WIA for giving the prize to me, I will continue to work hard and create more impressing artworks in future.