Rosalba Cafforio
Rosalba Cafforio


WIA2017 Self-Initiated New Talent Category Winner


Rosalba Cafforio is an artist specialized in fashion and beauty illustration. From Italy. With a strong background in the fashion industry, nowadays she dedicates her time to create fashion and beauty illustrations for commercial clients and private collectors.


Facebook: /rosalbacafforioillustrator

Instagram: @rosalbacafforio

Twitter: @rosalbacafforio

Project Title: Alice in Wonderland

About the Project:

Originally developed for an open call launched by Marcus Kan, curator of the popular website Draw a Dot., Alice in Wonderland became the top piece in my personal portfolio at AltaRoma last January and was the one that opened Vogue Talents doors for me: immediately it was appreciated and reposted by Sara Maino, Senior Editor, Vogue Italia; the seed was planted and recently Vogue has published my very first own fashion story.


The task was to create a fashion illustration based on D&G F/W 2016 collection, focusing on the fairytale perspective of the collection.


Since we are talking about fashion and beauty illustration, obviously my research cannot be separated from the reference collection and everything around it. Pure Zeitgeist. This generates a moodboard and the creation of one or more characters that I try to give a soul to, even before their physical features. In that case, dreaming of ethereal and exotic beauties walking on the cobblestone streets of Naples, Italy: the Asian girl from D&G F/W 2016 ad campaign, Cong He, was the one that got my attention. I couldn't help but imagine this Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. Colouring with only the two tones of the year (Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity), using a bright light coming from the East and a triangle composition that gives stability (she'll need it), I styled my modern-day Alice ready for the Mad Hatter's tea party. And she'll be seeing a lot of wonders in Naples, you can bet!


Wacom Cintiq. Period. I spent my early years in fashion design amidst markers, pens, paper and colored pencils. I kind of miss those days and the transition has not been as smooth, but as with the electric car, once you make this choice there's no going back.


Actually the Alice we're talking about is a girl in her third incarnation: there have been two stepsisters before, but I'm not too proud of them. The final work should be considered as a watershed. I booked a portfolio review with Fig Taylor of the AOI in the late August of last year, I guess you could say there is a before-and-an-after-Fig-effect in my production.


We just moved -BAM- into a new house -CRASH- to find great silence in the sounds of nature -BOOM- and our neighbour started building works -WHAM- which lasted for months.


This work was key to develop a more mature process that will affect the entire following production. Until next watershed.


My little son, a toddler who is now three years old. Waking up at dawn is a way of getting around this lovely distraction until this fall, when he starts kindergarten.


3 versions of Alice to get there. 3 publications for her: a local fashion magazine, Vogue Talents, World Illustrations Awards. 3×3=9, see notes below.


You finish your job: not bad. Five minutes later you take another little peek: yucky. The story of a lifetime.


I suppose I'm not really in a position to give advice, I'm currently getting lot of them from my mentor and friend Nuno Da Costa. When I'm no longer a schoolgirl, I'll try to win another WIA to answer that question, OK?


Summer 2008: Vogue, the Black Issue, was on every newsstand and I quit my fashion design job with dreams of being a fashion illustrator. Summer 2017, 9 years later: with this award-winning Alice in Wonderland and everything that follows I hope to be able to become a professional player participating, in my own small way and in the most inclusive manner, in building a shared beauty ideal.