Gigi Rose Gray
Gigi Rose Gray


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Gigi Rose Gray is an illustrator and fine artist, originally from New York City now based in Los Angeles. She received her BFA at the Parsons Newschool for Design and has since worked on a variety of projects ranging from editorial, book, branding and exhibitions

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Inspired by the directors gaze in film noir cinema, I created a series featuring different women in various environments. The viewer follows them from behind, their faces never revealed. Each piece is a moment frozen in time, just before an action is taken. The environments juxtapose nature with urban life whilst evoking a sense of curiosity and voyeurism.

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A solo exhibition for the National Arts Club in NYC.


Pencil, gouache and Adobe Photoshop.

  • Looking at endless street photographs of New York from the mid 50’s-70’s, studying their architecture and movement of crowds. Observing the female protagonists in films by Hitchcock, Mazursky and Cassavetes, and finally the color palette and patterns from Ungaro fashion shows from the late 60’s.



Sifting through all of the imagery I collected and making collages to create new narratives as references for my own drawings.  



Knowing when to stop… one of the benefits of having a deadline!



The poetry of images that evoke both stillness and movement. Also the notion that we are all always being watched.



The general distractions of life can be challenging to navigate but in this case there wasn’t time for distractions!



18 women, 17 buildings, 6 columns and 9 pieces in total.



Seeing these pieces printed at such a large scale was gratifying and made so much more of an  impact than seeing them on a screen.