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Medicine Grown From Science

Commissioned by Art Director: Richard Price for Flordis Campaign: Medicine Grown From Science
Founded and directed by Fraser Shiers, Forge & Morrow are a digital image-making studio who specialise in flawlessly crafted 3D illustrations and typography. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to every brief, strong design thinking, and commitment to craft. Our focus is on putting ideas first to create highly crafted bespoke images. 

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This series of illustrations was created for the natural medicine brand, Flordis and their campaign Medicine Grown from Science. The work was commissioned by Ward 6 in Sydney and our Australian reps Jacky Winter helped make it all happen.   

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Art Director Richard Price at Ward 6 had put together a beautifully conceived and detailed brief which we instantly fell in love with. Flordis produce high end medicine derived from plants and we were briefed to illustrate the main plant species used in each of the Flordis medicines in a way that portrays the extraction of proven science from plants to create clinically proven medicines that really work. At first glance, the viewer should see a plant, on closer inspection they will see that the plant is made up from scientific molecular structures. 

All illustrations in the series were created in 3DS Max and rendered in V-Ray. A wide variety of 3D modelling techniques were used including procedural form and structure generation, algorithm driven pattern creation and the more simple and direct techniques of manual position and placement of forms in 3D space to create scientific looking structures. Post production work was all done in Photoshop and involved mainly colour grading.

Lots. Photographic references and technical botanical illustrations of each plant species. Microscopic photography of cell structures and DNA strands. Physical and digital molecular models. Procedural form generation techniques.  

All up was around 10 weeks work and the whole job was meticulously run by producer Sarah Laurens at Jacky Winter, our agents here in Australia. The project was a closely collaborative process between Forge & Morrow and Rich Price at Ward 6. Rich maintained a close involvement in the art direction of each execution and together we took a rigorous approach to getting every detail just right.  

The first Master Brand execution was well received by agency and client and we were keen at F&M to really push and expand the ideas with the other 4 executions. Art director, Rich felt the the remaining executions should be closer in style to the first so we wrestled a bit over the direction of the second. It was worth the work and back and forth though, we got to a good place with it and the remaining 3 illustrations were smooth sailing. 

How mathematical the natural world can look when you zoom right in. 

Nothing beyond the ordinary. Other briefs and deadlines. 

96,963,718 polygons make up a single execution

We went surfing 🙂