Verónica Grech
Verónica Grech

Little Blue

Children's Books New Talent

Verónica Grech is a freelance illustrator, living and working in the Northwest coast of Spain. She graduated in Fine Arts and Design at San Carlos University in Valencia and is currently working as a press illustrator in international media, mainly in the US.

'As a point of departure I rarely start working at the computer, but my final art is always digital. I like making sketches for my projects and handwritten work using traditional tools. I also love exploring the beauty of work created with colored pens, ink and watercolors. I keep myself up to date learning new techniques and mixing them. I love printmaking, especially screen-print and stamping.'

About Entry
My entry for the contest is not a commission. It is a very personal project since I had never illustrated or written a book before and I wanted to take new challenges in my professional career.

I made a brave decision when decided to work in a personal book about different topics related to childhood: fear of separation from the mother, fear of growing up and also several emotional states such as feeling small and fragile. I wanted to explore universal concepts but also wanted everyone to feel unique.

Website/Online Portfolio

I used severals sketches made with ink, pencil, colored pencils and collage. Then, I scanned the sketches and worked with digital tools to apply color and textures to the art and to produce the final files.

I looked back and inside myself trying to create a very personal but universal work. I also made research in books an used photographs about monkeys as reference for the previous drawings.

One of the main difficulties for me was making sure images would transmit characters' feelings. Creating the right atmosphere of the story was also important.

A strong need to communicate feelings.

Hundreds of commissions, a lovely  husband, some really good books in my light table and, of course, some good classic films

Countless hours of effort and suffering and, why not? Also a few of procrastination.

I am really honoured my work is being considered by the jury of the AOI Awards.