Katie Ponder
Katie Ponder






Katie attended UAL Camberwell for a foundation course before moving to Cornwall to study illustration at Falmouth University. Katie has recently finished her degree and will be moving back to London to continue her journey as an illustrator. 

Through her series of illustrations Katie encapsulates the terror and drama told through Stravinsky’s music from The Rite of Spring. Katie listened to Stravinsky’s music and used it as the narration to fuel her interpretation of the story from the ballet.

“Receiving the category award has been a wonderful positive affirmation. I am so excited to be given the opportunity to show my work at Somerset house. It is a wonderful finish to my student life and an exciting start into a career as an illustrator.


BRIEF: This was a self-initiated project as part of my final year of studying illustration. I wanted to create a narrative sequence using music as the catalyst. I set myself a goal to recreate the ballet The Rite of Spring as a visual novel experience to accompany Stravinsky’s music.

MATERIALS: Collage, ink and Photoshop.

RESEARCH: I watched different ballet productions of The Rite of Spring to get inspiration for the body language of my figures. I also looked at Pagan ceremonial costumes and watched The Wicca Man to get inspiration for the look of the characters.

PROCESS: My process always involves a lot of daydreaming. I work very instinctually, often abandoning carefully laid out plans I have made the day before. I put together images by collaging bits and then scan them onto my computer to puzzle together on Photoshop. I spend a long time considering the lay out and positioning of elements as I like there to be a good sense of balance and harmony within the image.

RESISTANCES: My on-going battle / learning experience with how to use technology.

INSIGHT: A lot of my own emotions and feelings from the time I was working on this have emerged in the art work. For me there is a lot of symbolism connecting to feminist issues and motherhood. Also the coexistence of destruction and creativity with in us all is explored within this project. I think there are parallels to the Nativity story from the Bible; in The Rite of Spring my central character is an “Anti-Mary” figure.

DISTRACTIONS: Whilst working on this project there was a week of the most incredible storms, at one point my window burst open and nearly blew a lot of the work away!

NUMBERS: 13, because it was my Grannie’s lucky number and whenever it comes up I feel that she is watching over me.

AFTERWORDS: This was my favorite project to date as it made me look at alternative uses of illustration. I want to continue making illustrations that accompany music and work in collaboration with other arts such as theatre and ballet. I hope to persevere developing and experimenting in my work and to always stay true to my instincts and imagination.