Rachel Tudor Best
Rachel Tudor Best






2010 – IMAGES 34

Rachel lives in rural South Wales and works in her studio at home on illustration commissions. She is also studying for an MA in Animation at the University of South Wales, Newport, and is currently working alongside independent animators who use a relatively low-tech approach to film making, that nevertheless, yield exciting results. She is hoping to use this approach to animate her own hand drawn illustration work and bring these new skills into her workshops with school children. 

“This was a thumbs up for a playful approach to illustrating a brief. The final outcome came easily, late at night using an old laptop. I wasn’t worrying about the outcome and just having fun with many drawn bits and pieces of visual ideas on a sheet of paper relating to the subject of foxes. The process reminded me of the old fuzzy felt game I grew up with, except this time I designed the parts.”

“The award encouraged me to continue with my straight ahead, no thumbnail, playful approach to image making. “


BRIEF: Provide an illustration suitable for use in a poster and programme advertising the opera The Adventures of Sharp Ears the Vixen for the Peabody Institute.

MATERIALS: Gouache and lead pencil on paper.

RESEARCH: A favourite rare book on east European toys. Looking through Stanley Spencer paintings of foliage. Endless fox photographs.

PROCESS: Sketching with paint and pencil. Scanned images. Photoshop.

DISTRACTIONS: Four young children!