Jonas Bergstrand
Jonas Bergstrand






2009 – IMAGES 33

Jonas has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer since 1997 when he graduated from Forsbergs School of Design in Stockholm.

“I started toying with textures in Photoshop and thought a street scene would be suitable for a collage treatment.”

“It was certainly a surprise win for me. I entered the image as a graduation of sorts after learning a lot about Photoshop and collage-making while putting it together. I never thought it would get much attention. Winning made me think that I was on to something and encouraged me to further explore the method of collage.”

BRIEF: Since the image was entered under self promotion a brief never existed.

MATERIALS: Photographic textures, photos. Everything digital.

RESEARCH: A good friend introduced me to websites with free high resolution photographic textures and I went looking.

PROCESS: I drew the basic shapes of the buildings in Adobe Illustrator and then applied textures and colours in Adobe Photoshop.

RESISTANCES: The image was made as an exercise in Adobe Photoshop and collage so naturally my inexperience brought on resistance. For the most part though I had a blast.

INSIGHT: This is fun, I got to do more collages.

DISTRACTIONS: Family life.

NUMBERS: Images 33 – 2009. That odd and wonderful feeling of unexpected success.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Many thanks for the encouragement! I’ve continued to produce collages and have loads of fun doing it.