Max Ellis
Max Ellis






2008 – IMAGES 32

Max Ellis has spent the past 25 years as a professional illustrator and photographer, working with the top agencies and publishing houses throughout the world and heading up many internationally famous campaigns.

Max studied photography at college and has been working as a professional photographer for 15 years, moving between photo-illustration and pure photography, developing concepts and techniques.

The image is part of an on going campaign for Beefeater Gin for the US and Spain. The posters are used on billboards and signage, and is his longest running ad project with new ads still appearing today. Max photographs the buildings then redraws and filter the images, combining them in a montage style.

“Winning the award has made me realise that its time to move on to the next challenge. Every ten years I totally change my approach to image creation. I spent 10 years painting for national newspapers and mags, 10 years producing digital art in a variety of styles and now I'm working mainly as a photographer.”

BRIEF: Work closely with the Spanish creative’s to develop the original concept

MATERIALS: Photographs, digital.

RESEARCH: I spent a long time studying steel plate engraving.

PROCESS: Photograph>process.

RESISTANCES: I felt somewhat restricted by the creative’s visuals. I live in London and felt my input on the selection of sites would have benefitted the outcome.

INSIGHT: It taught me a lot about photographing buildings!

DISTRACTIONS: English Weather

NUMBERS: I just had a rough count and I can find 15 different ads in this series. Which is pretty cool.

FINAL THOUGHTS: As with a lot of my illustration work the commission came through CIA who tend to approach me with the 'Mission Impossible' jobs, i.e. enquires that don't suit any styles they have on board at the agency. This was one of those and has gone on to seed several other jobs in a similar style. Thanks you guys, you're the best.