Andy Potts
Andy Potts





2005 – IMAGES 29

Andy Potts is a London based Illustrator and Animator, originally from Kingswinford in the West Midlands. He graduated with a BA Hons degree in Illustration from Portsmouth University in 1995. He has since been commissioned by a wide variety of clients in Advertising, Publishing, Design, Music and Film and his eye-catching images have appeared in many international newspapers and magazines.

 “‘The Fruit Palace’ was my first book jacket commission and hugely enjoyable to do so it was really rewarding to get such recognition from the AOI for this. I was really pleased with the finished illustration and it was a rare and welcome chance for me to work with illustrated typography.”

“Winning the AOI awards have been some of the proudest moments of my illustration career. They’re great for exposure and have been instrumental in taking my work to the next level, attracting new clients and bigger commissions.”

BRIEF: To create a book front, back and spine illustration with type integrated into the image.

MATERIALS: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, scanned-in painted textures on card.

RESEARCH: Book synopsis, internet research on featured country of Columbia, landscapes and drug trade. Scouring personal travel photography for inspiration.

PROCESS: I wanted a simple, graphic image of a meeting outside a Columbian café door central to the story with an economy of visual information to set the scene. I’m a big fan of negative space so used a white wash wall to define the spaces and leave room for type on the back. It was created with collaged photography, paint textures and type in Photoshop using Illustrator created figure outlines.

RESISTANCES: Smooth sailing as I recall as the first rough was accepted. It was some time ago though so memory may be the resistance on this one.

INSIGHT: I generally run with my instinct and go with the first idea that gets me enthused, rather than generating lots of approaches for the sake of it. I find that is invariably the one that will work and in this job time is of the essence.

DISTRACTIONS: What have you got?

NUMBERS: First book cover illustration, first award.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I love working on book cover commissions and this one is still one of the most creatively satisfying I’ve worked on. More of these please!