Lasse Skarbovik
Lasse Skarbovik





2004 – IMAGES 28

Lasse Skarbovik was born in Norway, but has been living in Stockholm, Sweden since he graduated from Berghs School of Communication. He is one of the founders of Stockholm Illustration, but now he works as a freelance artist for clients all around the world. Apart from his illustration work, he has produced several larger murals and paintings for interiors and exhibitions. In the last year he has designed several patterns for textile collections.

The winning entry was commissioned by Reader's Digest. Lasse was asked to illustrate the cover spread for a shorter version of the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

"I was of course very happy to receive this award, and I think it gave me at the time some more free artistic jobs, like wall paintings and posters”

BRIEF: The brief was simple. Make a spread cover for Reader’s digest, and feel free too work in your own style and make the title a part of the illustration.

MATERIALS: computer, Adobe Illustrator

RESEARCH: I read the book, it was the best inspiration ever

PROCESS: I tried to make not a "framed image" but an illustration with elements and shapes coming together in a organic form. A kind of order in chaos…like the autistic boy in the book.

RESISTANCES: No resistances, just fun.

INSIGHT: I have to make time to read more books.

DISTRACTIONS: My ordinary day life, family, jobs , friends.

NUMBERS: 9, because it was my number when I played football and it has a beautiful shape.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Go for the first idea, and don't make too many sketches.