Andy Smith
Andy Smith






2004 – IMAGES 28

Andy Smith studied illustration at the University of Brighton and the Royal College of Art, London. His work combines illustration and typography to create images that have humour, energy and optimism – executed with a hand made, hand printed, tactile feel.  He splits his time between working commercially and getting inky producing a range of screenprinted books and prints. He lives and pretends to work by the sea in Hastings.

This poster was originally made for a competition organised by London Transport Museum to promote London

"Winning the award has been lovely, the AOI Awards are always a good showcase for whats happening in illustration today and its great to be a part of it and see what everyone else is up to."

BRIEF: Create an image that promotes the diverse range of dining experiences London has to offer.

MATERIALS: The illustration was drawn in pen and ink and then put together on a computer, I also made a screenprint of the image

RESEARCH: I did some drawing at Piccadilly Circus for the main part of the image.

PROCESS: I worked on this in the same way I would work on a screenprint, limiting the colours and trying to make good use of their overlaps and trying to use a lot of textures to keep it nice and lively.

RESISTANCES: I wanted to keep the colours down to just 4 or 5 which made arranging the image quite difficult.

INSIGHT: I can confirm that London does indeed have a lot of places to eat. Of course fish and chips are still the best.

DISTRACTIONS: Whats the number of that noodle place? I'm getting hungry.

NUMBERS: 5 colours,

FINAL THOUGHTS: I really like the lively feel this poster has.