Andrew Baker
Andrew Baker






2003 – IMAGES 27

Andrew is a pioneer of commercial digital Illustration. He has an enviable list of clients across the design, publishing and advertising landscapes and is the winner of several awards including Gold for Editorial Illustration from the Association of Illustrators.

He has co-curated a number of exhibitions, including Happy Birthday Edward Lear and From The Book and he lectures at Middlesex University where he is researching the digital woodcut.

Winning the Gold Award, Images 27, was a high point in Andrew’s career, consolidating his reputation in the industry and leading to many new and exciting commissions, one of which led to his subsequent Bronze award for Life After Redundancy – Images 35.

BRIEF: To provide an illustration for a Radio 4 play about the darker side of human cloning. This is a small image designed to occupy the top of a single column.

MATERIALS: pencil roughs, leading to vector artwork drawn with a mouse, with finishing touches added in Adobe Photoshop.

RESEARCH: I worked from a brief synopsis.

PROCESS: Roughs drawn on a train, artworked on a Mac.

INSIGHT: Speed was required for as the project was to be completed in two days whilst I was also lecturing.

DISTRACTIONS: One hundred students and two children under 4

NUMBERS: Andrew has produced dozens of illustrations for the Radio Times over the years and considers them to be amongst his favourite commission