I prefer to face difficulties and work out ways to challenge and conquer them.” Liv Wan

You know that feeling, that beat, that taps away from the high of unstoppable commissions, then the imperceptible drift into anxiety about the next gig?
Varoom asked illustrators Jamie Coe, Liv Wan, Jay Cover and agent Nick Dawe from Folio Art about their professional and creative highs and lows and how they manage the career rhythm

Jamie Coe

‘I love working on editorial illustrations in general – they’re often relatively tight deadlines which is fine with me. I’m not sure how that wages psychologically but I try to give myself a few hours of free time in the evenings on most days.’

Jamie Coe

Liv Wan

‘Every month ‘how to make ends meet’ is always a very important task for an illustrator like me – I have no agent representing me, I have a young child, expensive childcare costs and I’m still working hard to try to establish my business.’

Jay Cover (Nous Vous)

‘The excitement and anticipation of an upcoming experience can be extremely thrilling. Then for one reason or another it becomes difficult and causes stress. I throw myself into a project and apply pressure on myself, due to the excitement. Almost as if I don’t trust myself with the opportunity, I end up working too hard or too much – I overcompensate.’

Jay Cover, Everything is Work in Progress

Nick Dawe, Folio agency

‘In the early days of the agency, each artist had to be a jack of all trades. As we progressed, however, artists developed their own signature styles. Some of these artists were hugely influential. And while great work is often imitated, it can never be duplicated, so we have always looked for those with an original style.

Recently, for example, Owen Davey – who we took on straight from college – has influenced many young artists over the past few years, yet he continues to develop as an artist and through this is achieving tremendous success. Trends come and go, but talent stays the course.’


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