Varoom 40 – the Fantasy issue

Autumn 2019, cover image by Yehrin Tong

In the Fantasy issue of Varoom we meet illustrators inviting you to places unlike any other.

Creating believable fantasy worlds is the illustrator’s strong suit. With their command of narrative and visual language, illustrators can use the space they occupy – page, screen or venue – to transport us back and forward in time and present us with impossible scenarios and visions.

Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio and cover illustration in 4 colourways by Yehrin Tong, Varoom 40 is a fascinating look at visualising alternatives.

An essential platform – It’s Nice That

Illustration Yehrin Tong. Design Aldo Caprini at Fraser Muggeridge Studio


Inside Varoom 40
New Gothic

Paul X. Johnson introduces his latest work

Cloak of Fantasy

Ritupriya Basu discusses creating elaborate imagined worlds with Victo Ngai, from Chinese stamps to Game of Thrones.

Victo Ngai

In Rapture

Dan Pinchbeck introduces the fictional English village of Yaughton created for a stunning game.

Hail Herman Inclusus

Paul Gravett unearths Stuart Kolakovic’s arcane alter-ego – it’s a dark world.

Island Life

Tianhua Mao tells the epic tale of Puffisland: Super creatures and a Disco Worm.

Tianhua Mao

Digital Romance

Alix-Rose Cowie steps into the uncanny interiors of Ram Han.

Digital Fantasy from Messy Reality

Billie Muraben investigates immersive indie games Heaven’s Vault and Telling Lies.


Molly Mendoza Skip (Nobrow)

Dimension Hopping

Olivia Ahmad talks to Molly Mendoza about her colour packed graphic novel Skip.

Sewn Lore

Beau Brannick reflects on her love of folklore and embroidery.

One Space Eaten by Another Space

Luise Vormittag discovers Wei Shao’s ordered architecture.


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