Varoom 37 – the Love issue

Spring 2018, cover image by Olimpia Zagnoli

Packed with rich imagery and insightful comment, Varoom the illustration magazine is now in a fresh new format from award winning designer James Lunn.



The Love issue explores the communication, commerce and creativity of love: from brands reconstructing inherited visual languages of love to connect with new markets beyond heterosexual norms, to the politics of sexuality, to the love of creativity expressed by illustrators in the act of professional image-making.

Love is what makes our practice more than just using our skills or delivering a brief. Passion for practice is inspired by the research we do to test boundaries, and by the experimentation we try to test our techniques. Love of expanding our practice helps us unshackle habits of mind, helps us see the world and ourselves differently.

Profile: The Sensation of Reading – The Folio Society

In an age of fast, immediate digital experiences, one company has remained wedded to its love of printed matter, of typography and illustration, and is paradoxically very much a 21st Century publisher. John O’Reilly talk to the illustrators, art directors and editors who create the sumptuous editions for The Folio Society.

My Funny Valentine

Once a year a gorgeous little package of mystery drops through letterboxes all over the world. Since 2005 Marian Bantjes has posted out a set of beautifully crafted Valentine cards, each year having a different idea that’s surprising, mysterious and wrapped in creative love. Bantjes tells varoom about the origins of the idea and the commitment required, for a project that has gone way beyond self-promotion into an exploration of the message of love

Beauty School Gave Me Brain Damage

Obsession and love makes us do extraordinary things. Zoë Taylor explores the work of Seth Bogart: an explosively messy confection of punk, Pee-Wee Herman and products – anyone for ‘Manty Hose’?

Love Letters

Our relationships with images are complicated, our relationship with images we fall in love with are truly, madly, deeply complicated. We asked six industry professionals to write a love letter to an image-maker and image they fell in love with…

The Client, the Commission, the Creative

Château Angélus wine-maker and one of France’s most celebrated illustrators have worked together to deliver a series of adverts celebrating love through a set of charming, quirky and classically beautiful illustrations

Material Love

Illustrators develop a close connection with their materials. In Varoom 37 Poppy Chancellor, MaricorMaricar and Olimpia Zagnoli reveal what they love about papercutting, embroidery and experimenting with new materials

Innovators: the best work selected by Varoom’s experts

Derek Brazell on Felix Scheinberger’s Berlin sex club drawings

Stuart Lang on Tobias Hall’s imagery for Warburtons ‘Pride & Breadjudice’ campaign

Dan Witchell on Rob Bailey’s work for Smirnoff’s ‘Choose Love’ packaging

Reportage: Felix Scheinberger club sketchbook

Shane RJ Walters on Andrew Thomas Haung’s promo for Bjork’s love song The Gate

Olivia Ahmad on Samuel Wingate’s Grindr Project

Children’s Books
Sarah McIntyre on David Roberts’ His Royal Tinyness

Public Realm
Luise Vormittag on Jimmy Loizeau and Matt Ward’s Illegal Town Plan for Rhyl

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