Joey Yu grew up in the UK, but as a child went to Hong Kong with her family most summers. In Varoom 39 she talks about her nostalgic feelings for these trips and her other travels, including visits to other family members in Malaysia.

Joey Yu

In Hong Kong I remember waking up in a jet-lagged daze around 3am and walking into the living room. We were near the sea, by the mountains. There’s the sound of running water from a fish tank. Heat in the air, and the red glow and incense from the little home shrine. I miss that vivid place and the excitement of adjusting to a new time zone.

Midflight (Penang), Joey Yu, 2017

Half of my family are in Malaysia, another place that holds much nostalgia for me. There are thousands of things that make up the fabric of a city and it’s the minutiae that make me feel soft for a place. Like how in Malaysia there are no carpeted floors because it’s too hot – I think of my feet on cold tiles.

Hotpot (London), Joey Yu, 2018

These works are a mixture of reportage and memory… If a painting or drawing can sum up a fleeting moment or a place I’ve been in, that’s a special thing.

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