#StayInReachOut Two Week PlanNEW

It’s a strange time at the moment. For some illustrators, it’s business as usual, with new jobs still coming in. For others, commissions have slowed down or they’re taking a break to consider their next step. Some people are feeling unproductive and some are feeling more motivated than ever. It’s different for everyone, but lots of us are feeling a bit lost at sea.

If you have more spare time than usual and you are looking for some structure, the AOI have created a two week plan to help you focus your energy. The goals of the #StayInReachOut Two Week Plan are:

  1. To develop your online presence and self promotion, to help you attract more commissions.
  2. To grow your knowledge around business essentials like copyright, finances and contracts.
  3. To focus on your plan for when life goes back to normal, using the spare time you have now to set yourself up for future success.

By taking this time to research, refocus and reach out, we feel confident that the illustration industry will come out the other side of this, stronger than before.

There is a #StayInReachOut pdf calendar available for you to download, with hyperlinks to all the resources you’ll need. Check back in on this resource page daily, for detailed instructions on each days task. You are welcome to start this plan at anytime, and complete it at your own pace!



Week One

Week Two


What next?

Well done for completing your #StayInReachOut Two Week Plan!

The AOI have plenty more resources that you can incorporate into your quarantine schedule! Check out our Make the Most out of your Membership page for more info.


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