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UK – Limited Edition£400-£500£250-£300£200-£250£150-£175
UK – In Perpetuity£650-£750£400-£500£400-£450£250-£350
UK + Europe – Limited Edition£600-£700£400-£500£350-£450£225-£250
UK + Europe – In Perpetuity£1000-£1250£900-£1000£800-£900£400-£500
North America – Limited Edition£600-£700£400-£500£350-£450£225-£250
North America – In Perpetuity£1000-£1250£900-£1000£800-£900£400-£500
South America – Limited Edition£500-£600£300-£400£250-£350£200-£225
South America – In Perpetuity£900-£1000£650-£750£600-£700£300-£400
EMA – Limited Edition£500-£600£300-£400£250-£350£200-£225
EMA – In Perpetuity£900-£1000£650-£750£600-£700£300-£400
Far East – Limited Edition£500-£600£300-£400£250-£350£200-£225
Far East – In Perpetuity£900-£1000£650-£750£600-£700£300-£400
AUS + NZ – Limited Edition£400-£500£250-£300£200-£250£150-£175
AUS + NZ – In Perpetuity£650-£750£400-£500£350-£450£250-£350

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Territory AvailableLogoFull ScreenBackgroundIcon
UK – Limited Edition£600-£700£400-£500£300-£400£250-£350
UK – In Perpetuity£900-£1000£650-£750£500-£600£350-£450
UK + Europe – Limited Edition£1000-£1250£800-£900£600-£700£500-£600
UK + Europe – In Perpetuity£1500-£1750£1000-£1250£900-£1000£800-£900
North America – Limited Edition£1000-£1250£800-£900£600-£700£500-£600
North America – In Perpetuity£1500-£1750£1000-£1250£900-£1000£800-£900
South America – Limited Edition£800-£900£600-£700£400-£500£300-£400
South America – In Perpetuity£1250-£1500£900-£1000£650-£750£500-£600
EMA – Limited Edition£800-£900£600-£700£400-£500£300-£400
EMA – In Perpetuity£1250-£1500£900-£1000£650-£750£500-£600
Far East – Limited Edition£800-£900£600-£700£400-£500£300-£400
Far East – In Perpetuity£1250-£1500£900-£1000£650-£750£500-£600
AUS + NZ – Limited Edition£600-£700£400-£500£300-£400£250-£350
AUS + NZ – In Perpetuity£900-£1000£650-£750£500-£600£350-£450


The AOI spoke to commissioners and illustrators to understand fees that had been secured in recent years to compile this survey.



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