Varoom 34

Well, Well, Well – The Health & Wellbeing Issue Autumn 2016


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From issue 35 the format changed to a new magazine format published twice per year.

Featured in this issue:


The Sustainability of the Illustrator

Working for yourself as an illustrator offers many freedoms, such as where and when to work, popping out for a walk or a spontaneous day off. But the demands of working by yourself, of delivering creativity on tap, of dealing with troublesome clients, of paying the bills, can be emotionally and psychologically difficult. We asked illustrators Lee John Philips, Peter Quinnell, Anna Steinberg and Jane Cradock Watson, to reflect on their own personal experience and what strategies have they developed to sustain the practice of the illustrator.


Profile: Gemma Correll

Like a Tina Fey of illustration, Gemma Correll makes laugh-out-loud images about anxiety, neuroses and the body. Correll chats with John O’Reilly, about pugs, the dangers of overthinking and exposing yourself in your work


A History of Looking At Health

Our experience and ideas of health, illness and our body is partly shaped by visual technologies and the kind of medical knowledge and social conversations they enable. Catherine Draycott, Head of Images at The Wellcome Library, a major resource for the study of medical history, introduces a survey of some key moments in the illustration of health and illness


The Pet Effect

Artists have long featured their pets in their artwork, fixing a connection that is clearly a strong bond between animal and owner. But aside from being a subject, does this relationship with pets influence the artwork or working life itself? Varoom asks illustrators about their pets.


10 Visual Approaches to Well Being

Framing the visual language of health and wellness can be tricky. Get it wrong and you’re doing the equivalent of ‘woman laughing alone with salad’. Sharon Bowes looks at work by illustrators who get it right and extracts some nutritious advice


Industry Insight Reportage: Testimony

How does an illustrator respond to the issues around her mother being sectioned due to an illness with a psychosis? Una created a comic that explores the day her mother was hospitalised and her mother’s interpretation the event years later.


Industry Insight Sequential Art: Stardust Nation

Tackling the themes of psychology, memories and childhood trauma, Martin Colyer discusses Deborah Levy’s new graphic novel Stardust Nation with it’s illustrator, Andrzej Klimowski.


Industry Insight Personal: Swinder & Swindler

Imagine if you could buy yourself a certificate of self-confidence, or give someone more honesty or empathy – Swindler & Swindler discuss the process on creating their latest piece centred on currency and emotions.


Industry Insight: Books – Andrew Baker

The complexities and details of the human body is revealed in Andrew Baker and Steve Parker’s heavily illustrated anatomy book The Graphic Book of Us.


Industry Insight: Editorial – Nathalie Lees

Two contrasting approaches to health and wellness from Nathalie Lee –  one image dense with detail and movement, the other static graphic icons of the female body.


Marian Bantjes

Regular contributor Marian Bantjes creates a new contemplative piece rich with woven colours and intricate patterns.


Paul Davis

Sit back, relax, light some candles as Paul Davis gives you his secret mantra and a recipe for his Kale, Hempseeds and Lavender juice. You didn’t really believe that? Davis follows the money in the wellbeing game.


I Wish I’d Done This

Animation storyboard artist and Ronald Searle blogger, Matt Jones worked on the emotional Inside Out film. Here he chooses the atmospheric watercolour created during Matt Cruickshank’s Japanese monastic retreat.