Varoom 22



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Varoom 22

Illustration, Culture, Society Summer 2013

The Experiment issue: In “Seven Thoughts on the Cult of the Sketchbook” Jane Stanton writes that the point of the sketchbook is it gives you permission not to come to conclusions. In “The New Wave Sci-Vi”, Bryony Quinn argues the power of the new scientific imagery is as a medium greater understanding – rather than understanding’s final destination. Marian Bantjes’ turns the sterility of the scientific experiment into an object of beauty, while Laurie Britton-Newell and Ligaya Salazar reflect on Memory Palace, the new V&A Museum illustration exhibition that’s a Walk-In Book, “What does it mean to ‘read’ a story? How far can you push the format and still call something a book?”

Varoom 22 also explores the moment in history when visual argument, and the rich use of illustration in the field of ‘Alchemy’, disappeared from the field of science. How can science, and our understanding of it benefit from using the image?

As in each issue, Varoom contributing editors – experts from academia and the creative industries from fashion to graphic novels – highlight significant new imagery, and Stuart Kolakovic has created an exclusive image for the cover. What’s up in the Lab?!