Branding Consultation with Nicola Mullen



Join Nicola Mullen at Brand Warrior to dig deep and discover the magic of your brand.

In these focused sessions, you will work with Nicola to delve deep into one the elements that make up your brand. To help you get clearer on your points of difference and to help you strengthen your offer to the outside world.

Stand out in the market, grow your audience and take steps to get the dream clients you want.

There are three focus areas to choose from, depending on where you feel you need the most support.


  1. What do you stand for? Explore and identify your brand values and begin to understand how you can bring these to life to help you feel aligned when building an illustration business. Learn how your values can help you focus and grow, as well as set you apart in the market.
  2. Who do you want to talk to? Explore your niche and the discover the importance of having a target audience. As you determine who you want to talk to and why, you’ll begin to understand how to build an emotional connection to the people that you want in your warrior circle!
  3. What do you want to say? There is no longer a place for wishy washy messaging in the world! If you’re serious about building your profile and reputation as an illustrator, then you have to get clear on your message. In this session, you’ll dive deep to find the golden nuggets of information that you’d like to shout from the rooftops and share with the world.


Please note that these consultations are carried over Zoom only.

Nicola Mullen is a brand and marketing coach. She developed The Brand Warrior Method from her 20 years’ experience of working with arts and culture brands. Through a 121 programme, she helps creatives, such as artists, illustrators and designers, to find their distinctive warrior spirit, so they can stand out in crowded markets.