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AOI Webinar: Demystifying Instagram: How to really build your community

How Instagram can work for you


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Presenter Hannah Ray was Instagram’s first international hire and helped build the global Instagram community during its high growth period. She knows the platform from its origins as a place to have fun and engage with others and has worked as a consultant and trainer to people and brands in creative industries on their social media strategy for ten years.

A journalist by training, she specialises in community building through editorial and storytelling, and works with a wide range of individual artists and companies to refine a strong method in effectiveness of Instagram. Rather than focusing on playing the algorithm, or chasing followers, Hannah believes success lies in creativity and playfulness.

Hannah will share a 20 minute presentation of her top tips and advice for using Instagram more effectively. She will then take any questions in an open Q&A (on literally anything) for 40 minutes.

Hannah is a wealth of knowledge on Instagram as a brand development and engagement tool, and offers a unique and inspiring approach. You can read more about her here.

Friday 24 April 2020 1pm – 2pm

Price: £15 non members / £12 members

Portrait photo by Ali Kate Cherkis.